My website is up!

2015-07-09 19:07:07 by nubbuka


is a thing now, it currently has my latest works regarding graphic desgin

Hope you find it enjoyable :D

Hello everyone!

I would like to ask for your help, If you can please
In a few days I am about to finish my graphic design course of half a year and I will be
opening a website for my portfolio, if you guys can help out and share it to people you know that might be interested in the subject or wanting to ask questions about graphic design!

Thanks again and I will be posting the link here in a day or two!

Hello, I'm new here :3

2014-12-17 22:27:36 by nubbuka


I've heard a lot about newgrounds and I've been peeking here from time to time; everytime being amazed by the content :3

I started drawing digital paintings a while ago, still gaining experience. I mostly post them other at deviant but I would like to be more involved here as well. Maybe start a new project and do something cool :P


Stuff I did:


Mostly game related stuff; my latest is related to League of legends as a Xerath skin try:


I hope someone liked my stuff, even so thanks for reading!

Still working on my coloring, cant seem to change my style... =\


Well, thanks again for reading and I hope I'll be able to share and gain experience here as well :D